D’mar -- tomorrow
Droppin’ soda -- dropping sodium nitrate fertilizer, by each plant, usually, corn, by hand. Eatin’ pokey, rolls and grits. -- We are so poor, all we can do is poke our feet under the table, roll our eyes, and grit our teeth.
Eite -- alright, OK, yes
Ellem -- elm
Enough money to burn a wet mule -- a lot of money, rich
Fat lightard -- kindling; a pine knot or a pine tree stump with a high concentration of resin; often chopped and split into small pieces (splinters a few inches long) and used to start fires in fireplaces, heaters and wood-fired cook stoves.
Fat n sassy -- feeling very good
Feelin’ his oats -- feeling good
Fahr -- fire
Fetch -- to find, to look for
‘Fican and ‘Fican see my way to -- if I can
‘Fida -- if I had
‘Fida knowed it -- If I had known it
Flat out -- full speed
Flat out buffaloed -- completely fooled
Flat out of luck -- really out of luck, unlucky
Floorboard -- floor of a car or truck
Flustrated -- frustrated
Foot loose and fancy free -- without a worry
Fly-by-night -- unreliable, untrustworthy
Fly off the handle -- quick to anger
‘Fore light, ‘fore dark -- before dawn, before dusk
Fox in the hen house -- conflict of interest
Fret -- worry
Funnies -- comic strips in the news paper
Galavanting -- out having a good time; carousing
Gangbuster or like gangbusters -- forceful, active, very effective
Gee, Haw - signal for mule to turn right, turn left
Get a hold of yourself. -- Calm down, relax, control yourself.
Gimmie -- give me
Git a holdt -- grasp firmly
Git up; chk, chk (sound made in cheek by quick, short air intake) -- signal or command for mule to go forward
Git -- get
Gitcha, gotcha -- get you, got you
Git!  Scat!  Skedaddle -- go quickly
Git ‘er dander up -- upset her, make her mad
Git ‘er done -- finish it
Goin’ bare-footed -- wearing no shoes
Goin’ like 60, goin’ like mad, goin’ like wildfire, really flyin’-- going very fast
Goin’ ta town -- movin’ along expeditiously, movin’ right along
Go to the pore house -- go home
Gone to the dogs -- gone bad
Gonna -- going to
Gosh onlyest -- a very special only one, exceptional
‘Gotta git home ‘fore dark -- we don’t have “lights”; ‘gotta feed the chickens, cows, mules, etc.
Grease monkey  -- automobile mechanic
Grinnin’ like a ‘possum eatin’ persimmons -- a really big grin.
Ground itch, foot itch -- an infection between little boys’ and girls’ toes from wading in puddles of water after a rain; probably related to soldier’s “jungle rot”
Hafta -- have to, must
Haint -- spook
Hain’t -- have not, has not
Hain’tcha -- haven’t you
Hankrin’ -- hankering, want, desire
Happy go lucky -- without a care
Hard-favored -- ugly
Have your ducks in a row. -- Have everything in proper order.
He has lost a couple of screws. -- He’s crazy or is mentally deficient.
He just ain’t right. -- He’s mentally deficient.
Hep, hope -- help, helped
Here 'bouts -- around here, near here, in the neighborhood
Hey -- hello
High on the hog, high falutin’ -- upscale, upper class
Hisn -- his
Hissy fit -- really upset, shown by extreme agitation
Hit the nail on the head. -- Got it exactly right!
Holler -- yell
Hop, skip and a jump -- a short distance - nearby
Horse of a different color -- another subject completely
Hot potato -- something really hard to handle
Hot under the collar -- upset, angry
How ‘bout that? How ‘bout them apples? -- I’m really proud of that.
How sweet it is! -- everything going just right
Holy smokes, holy moly -- surprised, astonished
Hunk -- piece
Hush puppies -- small pieces of corn bread originally thrown out to feed the dogs, now a southern meal delicacy, especially with fish, bobby-q or turnip salit.
I ain’t stud’n’ ‘im. -- I’m not concerned about him.
I’da -- I would have
Idin - isn’t
I don’t give a hoot.  -- I don’t care.
I don't have a dog in that fight. -- I have no concern or interest at all in that situation.
If ‘n -- if
If a toad frog had wings, he wouldn't bump his tail. -- IF
I got no -- I don't have any.
Ignorance can be cured with education; stupidity lasts forever.
I liked to have -- I almost did.



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