Ooh!  Don't let that one get away, no matter how bad that condition. 
Datsun 510s are real collector's items with a huge cult following, at
least on the West Coast.  I rarely see them in Portland (a hotbed of
car nuts), but when I do they are always beautifully restored or
obviously built up for autocross or other amateur racing events
(low-profile tires, roll cage, lightweight seats, etc.).

On 1/28/06, Rich Thomas <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Yeah it is a 510.  I looked under the hood briefly and thought I saw
> half shafts going to the front wheels but maybe I was delusional.  I'll
> do some searching on it, see what might be possible.
> --R
> Alex Chamberlain wrote:
> >Sure it's front-wheel-drive?  Sounds like a 510, which was RWD (and
> >known in its day for terrific handling... sort of a Japanese BMW
> >2002).  (And if it IS a 510, there is lots of info out there already
> >on mods including engine swaps...)
> >
> >Alex Chamberlain
> >'87 300D Turbo
> >
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> >
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