> clay wrote:

 The w115 300d has a host of issues.  One I would like to
 resolve for next to no cash would be the leak in the power
 steering system.  I can live without the assist, and like
 the feel of man handling the car.  I liked that aspect in
 Gump.  Losing the added weight would be a bonus.

 Question is, can I delete the PS?  What more would be

Sure you could.  But you probably want a different gearbox.
Typically the power steering gearbox will have a lower gear
ratio so without the power assist it's a lot more work to
turn than a "plain" gearbox.

There is some force/power lost in pumping hydraulic fluid
when a power-assist steering is used without the pump
running.  I think you could just drain the fluid out and
likely it would work and have less force/power loss.  I don't
know the long term consequence of running a power-assist
gearbox dry...

Most of the leaks are in the low pressure return line. about a buck or buck fifty/foot at FLAPS. Next most likely is the pump seal. it is cheap also


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