> > > clay wrote:
> > >
> > > The w115 300d has a host of issues.  One I would like
> > > to resolve for next to no cash would be the leak in
> > > the power steering system. 
> > >
> > >  Question is, can I delete the PS?

> > fmiser wrote:
> >
> > Sure you could.  But you probably want a different
> > gearbox.

> Randy wrote:
> And, if you plan to drive this thing for hours on end, then
> you will appreciate power steering so don't throw it out.

I disagree.

I have driven hundreds of thousands of miles with "plain"
steering - but it was never a power-assist system run without

In general, I prefer the feel of un-assisted steering.  Low
speed parking, especially backing a trailer, is a lot more
effort.  In my experience, when traveling faster than parking
lot speeds it isn't really any more effort than power assist
steering.  This experience covers compact cars, full-sized
cars, light duty trucks (pickup), heavy duty truck (class 5
and class 8), without a trailer, with a small trailer (less
than 20 ft [7 m]), and with long trailers (up to 53 feet [16

So with a "plain" gearbox, I would not at all mind not having
power assist steering on a W115.


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