I can agree with fmiser. my 110s never had PS and never needed it. they are still the gold standard to me as far as steering goes. the 123 with PS is ok. THe 126 with PS seems more heavy to steer than any truck I ever drove without PS. THis is a design "feature" I love the light and agile steering of a non PS 110/111

Cant tell you anything about 115 with or without PS.

fmiser sez:
I disagree.

I have driven hundreds of thousands of miles with "plain"
steering - but it was never a power-assist system run without

In general, I prefer the feel of un-assisted steering.  Low
speed parking, especially backing a trailer, is a lot more
effort.  In my experience, when traveling faster than parking
lot speeds it isn't really any more effort than power assist
steering.  This experience covers compact cars, full-sized
cars, light duty trucks (pickup), heavy duty truck (class 5
and class 8), without a trailer, with a small trailer (less
than 20 ft [7 m]), and with long trailers (up to 53 feet [16

So with a "plain" gearbox, I would not at all mind not having
power assist steering on a W115.


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