Coal is the most underutilized resource in this country

The elektrojuicity I like best is hydro
Second best is solar, but it is impractical on a large scale. Great for life "off the grid"
THird is coal.  Relatively inexpensive, clean, as you say, and abundant
An added benefit from old coal plants was that they provided sulfur to the soil as a plant nutrient. Now farms have to add sulfur to the normal NPK so fertilizer is becoming NPKS. I had to add sulfur to the garden this year as the last few years I could grow much of anything. Depleted sulfur and high pH together meant no food. If those small nuke plants ever become reality, that could move up the list. The problem with nuke now is that they are very large, and very expensive to build, and operate, and contribute to terrorist concerns.

No terrorist ever tried to steal the clinkers form a coal plant.

Don't forget all the nice clean electricity created by nice coal fired plants.



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