Randy Bennell via Mercedes wrote:

If I recall, there was a problem with a relay.
They were in Yellowstone Park if I recall and there was not much available locally but he found a length of household electrical wire and a household light switch and rigged it up so that he could turn on the fan from inside the car, manually. It got him home so that he could fix it properly.

My first car was a 1975 CVCC Honda Civic.
The electric fan was activated by a thermostatic switch in the bottom tank of the radiator. When the coolant being returned to the engine was deemed too warm, the fan came on. Until, of course, the switch died. Fortunately, the switch hooked up with bullet connectors, one male, one female. So all I had to do was unplug both wires, plug them together, and the fan would come on with the ignition. When the weather got cooler, put the wires back the way they belong.
IIRC, I never did replace that switch.



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