Your symptoms seem a lot like what I have been experiencing with my 95 E300D with 419,000 miles. Lower ball joints have been done as well a new shocks and damper. I had also changed the drives side tie rod. I probably need to change the other side as well as the idler arm rubber bush. Is there anything else I would need to replace?

Bob Massmann
Oregonia, Ohio
1995 E300D

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'87 300TD, 124.193, 343k miles.  Help me with some diagnosis ideas please.
At highway speed, sometimes the steering wheel will shake, most of the time
it will not.  Today it would shake during a turn at highway speed, and
turning left or right would make it shake.  Occasionally, on the first
acceleration to highway speed, once I get above 50 mph or so, it will shake
while going straight, and then stop after 5 - 10 seconds.  After a shaking
episode, the car is fine for the rest of the day.

A few weeks ago I had the car aligned.  I've just installed a set of used
tires on the front axle; these were the best two taken off my '95 sedan a
couple weeks ago.

Paid extra for "Road Force" balancing:

Most of the front-end components are fairly new and either OE from MB or
"Rusty" parts.  Struts, lower control arm inner bushings, ball joints,
idler arm bushings.  I'm not sure about the steering damper.  The wheel
bearings were checked and packed with fresh grease about 7 years / 40k
miles ago.
Charleston SC

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