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> Sounds a bit like a former neighbor of mine.
> He had a diesel Jetta that was trying to overheat while he and his family
> were on holidays in the USA.
> He determined that the electric fan was not coming on but that the fan
> motor worked.
> If I recall, there was a problem with a relay.
> They were in Yellowstone Park if I recall and there was not much available
> locally but he found a length of household electrical wire and a household
> light switch and rigged it up so that he could turn on the fan from inside
> the car, manually. It got him home so that he could fix it properly.

I  did sommat similar with my 1980 Subaru BRAT, but did it proper with a
Radio Shack toggle switch and light under the dash.  When things got warm,
I hit the switch and the light reminded me to turn it off so as not to run
down the battery...


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