The sayams clup tars are built to fail, so you keep coming back. Most I got there were replaced in about 20k miles. I was getting tars 2-3 times per year, driving 50k /year in the SDL.

Walmert is likely the same, but we only bought one set of tars there, the 13" for #1 Son's 200D 2.4 They were miserable tars. unsafe at any speed, as it turned out. almost no cord in them, so they burst easily, terrible rubber, so they wear fast. Much worse than anything I got at Sayams. I think within a year they were all gone. I bought new tars for the junker 300D in Indiana before I drove it home, so we put the 14" tars and wheels and hubcaps on the 200D. It was hard to get 13" tars at the time.

I can't remember the brand, but the LAST pair of tars I got from Sayams Clup were a directional tar, and we actually wore them out on the 124 300D. I don't think they were high mileage, but at least they lasted 6-7 years and didn't come apart or slip belts.

Best tars I've had have been contis made in germany from eurotar in NJ, before Continental bought General Tar in the USA. Actually, all the Yurpeen tars I got from Eurotar were good. I never had a failure from any of those tires. Then eurotire changed hands or something, and the prices went wayup and they changed their focus to racing/rubber band tires so I quit buying there. (and it got expensive to pay separate mounting/balancing)

I have experienced two instances of failed belt in different sets of tires recently. Both sets of tires were name brand tires purchased at different big box stores.

Never again. I now only purchase name brand tires from a trusted tire dealer.



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