That car looks totally mickey mouse.  I see that the cooling fan sits about
6 inches back from the shroud on the radiator, so something really odd is
going on there.  Also, the serp. belt has been replaced with a shorter
version to omit the AC compressor, so AC doesn't work.  Engine wiring and
coolant hoses also look strange.  No ABS?

Maybe the engine is not original, someone replaced the original six
cylinder with a four?  Or maybe they swapped the badge on the trunk?

Online EPC says the datacard is not available for that VIN.

On the positive side: Manual transmission, manual HVAC controls, manual
seats, maybe no sunroof?

Charleston SC

On Wed, Jun 3, 2015 at 10:20 AM, WILTON via Mercedes <>

> A 4 cyl 300D?  How dey do dat?
> Wilton
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