Kleb sez: I have gotten to where I just about only buy Michelin

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Almost every michelin I've had slipped belts. In my experience they are worth nowhere near the money. Same with badyear, except the Quantum came with a set of high end goodyears that were very good tires. We wore em out. Generals have been ok summer tires, but terrible (scary) on snow.

I know other have had bad experience with German Continentals, but I'd had very good experiences with German made tires, and also with the french Kleber.

I had one set of Pirellis (made in usa) on the burgundy SDL when I bought it. All 4 slipped belts within 50 miles on a MBCA event. THAT was a fun ride home! It was like being on some carnival car with elliptical wheels mounted at an angle. up and down and sideways, all over the place, all out of phase, and hoping not more than one popped before we got home, 'cause there is only one spare! It was a long slow trip home

Jokohamas came apart  on I-80 (not hot) and caused $2500 damage to the TE.

My daughter put cheep chinee tars on the SL because 14" tars were hard to find. They all slipped belts /bubbled.

in my experience Merkun and Japanee radial tars seldom wear out, they slip belts or in the case of jokohamas, fly apart and cause a lot of damage.

Blizzaks have been good. No problems with any of them. I've worn out a few sets.


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