On 03/06/2015 10:34 AM, Curly McLain via Mercedes wrote:
It's a good thing I didn't put the carpet back in yet, after a hard rain
last night there is water on the passenger floor again.  Less water than
before, so progress has been made.

Read on peach parts that on some 124 cars, the front drain tubes shrink
with age and the bottom end pulls back into the A pillar.

I also researched the wagon roof luggage rack, and each of the side rails have long rubber seals under them. If that is the source of the leak, I'm
not looking forward to removing the headline to pull those rails and
replace the rubber seals.
Charleston SC

For years, the 81 240D leaked on your foot if driving in the rain, but there was no problem to be found. I kept it under roof to prevent rusting, and we had it out of service for 10 years or so. Eventually the windshield gasket disintegrated, and had to be replaced. Fortunately there was no serious rust in the windshield frame. After the new glass and gasket, no leaks! I'm driving it daily now and enjoying it.


Where did you get the replacement gasket for the windshield?



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