Where did you get the replacement gasket for the 123 windshield?


Cheep chinee crap URO from fleabay. When I looked at the cost of the MB gasket and high probability it is made by URO anyway, I decided to get one more directly from the source, rather than paying 3-4 times as much for one with an MB part number sticker on it.

It is not a pretty car. It is rusty, and I patched extensively on it 3 yrs ago. Mostly underneath the floor mats and under the car. Then applied the POR 15 and undercoat. The paint is dead, so I have 2 candidates for Curt to apply a roller paint job, if I could only get him here to do it.

If I could get someone to fire me so I have some time, I'd like to try the roller paint job. Things go in cycles. around 1999 - 2002 it was roofs. I put on 4 garage roofs and 2 house roofs. Now it is painting. 2 cars (or 3 or 4 if time and money permitted) and a tractor all need paint. I always have to do the paint prep but my dad painted the tractors and equipment. I don't even own a paint sprayer, other than for latex house paint. (airless)


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