> > Kleb sez: I have gotten to where I just about only buy
> > Michelin

> Curly wrote:
> Almost every michelin I've had slipped belts.

> Same with badyear, except the Quantum came with a set of
> high end goodyears that were very good tires.

> Generals have been ok summer tires, but terrible (scary) on
> snow.

> I know other have had bad experience with German
> Continentals, but I'd had very good experiences with German
> made tires, and also with the french Kleber.
> I had one set of Pirellis (made in usa) on the burgundy SDL
> when I bought it.  All 4 slipped belts within 50  miles on
> a MBCA event.
> Jokohamas came apart  on I-80 (not hot) and caused $2500
> damage to the TE.

I haven't noticed a correlation between brand name and cord
separation.  Some tire do, some don't.  I have some slight
circumstantial evidence that heavy hits it pot holes and the
like may aggravate or cause cord separation.  A puncture may
also trigger a separation.

I have had very good service from Yokohama.  A few sets of
load range C light truck tires, a few sets on a few W/S123.
I also had a some on a big truck.  Those rode and wore very
well - but there isn't much similarity between a big truck
tire and a car/light truck tire...

> in my experience Merkun and Japanee radial tars seldom wear
> out, they slip belts or in the case of jokohamas, fly apart
> and cause a lot of damage.

One occurrence and you consider that to be a characteristic
of the entire brand?  Really??

I like the General Altimax RT.  It's about the last extra load
rated passenger car tire on the market.  I tend to travel
heavy, especially in the S123, so the higher weight rating is

However, the General Tirepaw tires on my Suburban were so bad
I replaced them before they wore out.  So - are General tires
good or junk?  From my experience - BOTH!!  I think it's
pretty pointless to try to promote or deride an entire brand
of tires because of one model.  Sure, there may be brand
tendencies - but between the difference in tire models and
the manufacturing variables over time, I doubt any one of us
could have enough experience with any brand or model tire for
there to be any statistically significant data.

Kinda like the fellow who says "Dodge is junk.  That Valiant
I owned in 1972 worthless.  I never had a whole month that it
didn't break down.  There's no way I'd want to own another


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