One occurrence and you consider that to be a characteristic
of the entire brand?  Really??

I like the General Altimax RT.  It's about the last extra load
rated passenger car tire on the market.  I tend to travel
heavy, especially in the S123, so the higher weight rating is

However, the General Tirepaw tires on my Suburban were so bad
I replaced them before they wore out.  So - are General tires
good or junk?  From my experience - BOTH!!  I think it's
pretty pointless to try to promote or deride an entire brand
of tires because of one model.  Sure, there may be brand
tendencies - but between the difference in tire models and
the manufacturing variables over time, I doubt any one of us
could have enough experience with any brand or model tire for
there to be any statistically significant data.

Kinda like the fellow who says "Dodge is junk.  That Valiant
I owned in 1972 worthless.  I never had a whole month that it
didn't break down.  There's no way I'd want to own another

It mostly all boils down to who is the tirebuilder. That is a high skill job, combines art and science, and any screwup, the tire fails. In Yurp, people tend to hold jobs a long time or life. In this country, anymore, in a physical work condition, like a tirebuilder, 3 years is a long tenure. This is why I believe i have experienced a much lower failure rate with yurpeen tars. It is also why club tars fail frequently, because the best tirebuilders are put on OE tars, and the newbies are put on the club tars, and other aftermarket only tires. The OE tars that don't make spec are sold to the aftermarket as quality tires, even though they are not.

Yes, is is unfair to brand Yokohama as all crap because of ONE VERY EXPENSIVE and VERY DANGEROUS experience, that could have very easily resulted in loss of life, but that is my privilege as a VERY UNSATISFIED customer. YMMV, of course.

If a crappy tire caused your wife and/or kids to come very near to fatal experience, along with $4000 damage to the suburban would you go back for more after the dealer and the company told you "too bad it didn't kill you?" Would YOU really go back and buy MORE?

As for me and my family, NO YOKOHAMAS! Never EVER! There are many other choices, and even if michelin was the only other choice, and they were twice as much, i'd not be buying Yokohamas.

If a doctor causes you to die, will you recommend that doctor to your friends? We humans are Illogical, just ask Spock!


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