fmiser via Mercedes wrote:

However, the General Tirepaw tires on my Suburban were so bad
I replaced them before they wore out.  So - are General tires
good or junk?  From my experience - BOTH!!  I think it's
pretty pointless to try to promote or deride an entire brand
of tires because of one model.  Sure, there may be brand
tendencies - but between the difference in tire models and
the manufacturing variables over time, I doubt any one of us
could have enough experience with any brand or model tire for
there to be any statistically significant data.

I put TigerPaws on my Citation back in the 1980s. Very good tires for the day.
I then put BFG Competition T/A HR A/S and then, 70kmi later, HR4 on my Horizon, those were totally awesome.

But when I bought a used Taurus, with fairly expensive Continental touring tires on it, all four of them slipped belts eventually.

So, when the time came to put new tires on the e320 4matic, I was leaning towards Continental DWS, but there were too many stories of delaminated belts in the Tire Rack reviews. So I went for another Continental/General product without the self destruct reviews, the General G-MAX AS03, which turned out to be far more of a high performance tire than it is an all-season tire. Perhaps I should have gone with the heavily snow oriented DWS for $14 per tire more?



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