<<< I don't even own a paint sprayer, other than for latex house paint.
(airless) Hmm.  If a house paint roller will work for painting a car -
what about a house paint airless sprayer to paint a car...>>>> snip

On that subject. I have now painted a number of large items using an
airless sprayer paint rig and automotive grade paint. It required that I
use a spray nozzle that was sized properly for the automotive viscosity
paint, and that I buy a new, not contaminated with latex paint hose from
the pump to the spray handle, and surgically clean the rest of the spray
rig to prevent clogs and problems from residual latex paint left in the rig
from previous paint jobs.

I strongly suggest you talk with your airless spray rig supplier to get
guidance on the nozzle size for your particular rig that will work with
automotive viscosity paint. Then practice for a bit on some smooth plywood
or foam board panel to get the necessary feel for speed, volume, and

Having now mastered the skill, I doubt I will ever mess with air driven
HVLP paint guns again for large jobs.. Something smaller than a car or an
airplane.. then yes, but only because cleanup for the airless after using
automotive grade paint is more involved..

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