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> Way cool!  I really would like a "how to" write up to go with the 
> picture so i can do it WHEN needed (not if)...  or send it to some 
> one else if one of #1 daughter's cars need it since i am too far away 
> and since she is mechanically/electrically inept.

There isn't much to a "how to". I thought the first picture showing how
the terminals harvested from the old electronic flasher were hooked with
short lengths of 14 gauge wire to the new, mechanical flasher's terminals
(which conveniently have holes in them) was pretty self explanatory.

The only difficulty might be knowing where to connect the wired-up
terminals on the flasher socket. That's shown in the schematic attached
(a screen capture from the PDF Fred sent, cropped in the Gimp, and saved
as a GIF): The terminals connect to socket contacts 49 and 49a; polarity
doesn't matter. The old relay is labeled with which contacts are which.
They ended up being the two closest to each other; if you hold the bottom
of the relay so the plastic locating pin is up, the two contacts are on
the left.

Is that sufficient?


P.S. Soldering connections and using electrical tape would be advised; I
     did not because our household goods are packed up in a furniture van
     and I don't have access to them at the moment.
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