I will give that a try, along with a few shots of contact cleaner.  That
does sound much simpler than a disassembly!
Thanks for the suggestion

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BillR wrote:
> A couple of weeks ago my '81 SD started an occasional weak buzzer 
> sound from under the dash.  It was rare and brief at first, and 
> stopped when the blinkers were activated.  It has gotten more frequent 
> and longer lasting, and this morning when I turned the key the left 
> blinker came on and would not quit.  A bit of fooling with the turn 
> switch got it to go back to an occasional buzz, but I suspect things 
> need to be dealt with.  I pulled the knee panel and determined that it was
the left buzzer that was letting go.
> My suspicion is the I am getting a short in the steering column and 
> need to pull the blinker stalk and check that.  For those familiar 
> with such things, I could hope it is something that sounds easier.  
> Any other suggestions?  If that is what it needs, how big a job is 
> that?  USAF mechanic son is out of the area for training, and I am 
> hoping it will hold until he is done and back in the area..  Is it 
> something a used to be handyman could tackle - keeping in mind that more
than minimal exertion is not a possibility for me.

Try operating the hazard switch half a dozen times and see if thing return
to normal.

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