Good info Curt! The white 240D, I have considered painting with cans. I had never thought of putting clear coat over rattle can paint. Some of it now is pretty decent paint. I am saving your info in my archive of MB stuff...

We always painted tractors with implement enamel, never automotive paint, even when it was pretty similar. I'd probably use implement paint for the tractor And I think that would do for the white 240D, if I can spray with the airless sprayer.

For the other 240D, I'd like to keep it Midnight Blue, so that would only work with an automotive metallic. It is such a nice color on 123 and 107, and I think it'd look good on a 126 also, but I've only seem pictures of one 126 in the color, and none in person. When that Round Tuit comes in...

I did the hood on my '83 240D and it was the best looking paint on the whole car. I never buffed that out but I suspect if I had it would have taken a really nice shine. I've painted a bunch of lanterns with Rustoleum spray bombs (Philip has one) and been happy with the results. It took me awhile to learn a good technique but I can lay down a pretty good looking coat now. Its gonna be harder on a car because of the horizontal surfaces but still do-able. The last couple lanterns I've done I've done 4 color coats 10 minutes apart. Let it dry and harden two weeks, then cut, polish and clear coat for a nice shine, better than original...
Which reminds me I've got a couple projects to get to work on.
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