Bob --

Starter went in today. I had to go over and assist the "mech" with putting
together the ball bearings / race of the half shaft. Jeff had spent an hour
on it and gave up in frustration, and I spent two hours studying the
assembly of the removed version. Suddenly the light bulb went off -- turn
the race sideways and slide in, instead of trying to do everything flat --
and in a few seconds I was instant hero.

Tomorrow, we install the new half shaft then drive the car over to where
Jeff works (Goodyear). There, we put the car up on the lift and Jeff will
fabricate a new exhaust system. Bleed the brakes, fix slow leak in one tire,
maybe do a coolant change, and I can drive it to work on Monday morning.

I am really impressed with the VW diesel engine. Pre-glow is single-digit
seconds, not the minute or so that I am used to with the 240D. Idle is
smooth. I can't wait to take it up thru the 5 speeds to see how well the
clutch works and how smooth the shifting is.

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> Hey LT Don, how's the VW doing?
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