Let me try and find the number again. As you say it may be in that regional security group because it's to hold the license plate.


Date: Thu, 04 Jun 2015 20:29:23 -0400
From: Dan Penoff <d...@penoff.com>

Dealer dookie.  They have to make a special request for it, like any non-North 
American part, which they can do as a list or individual part.  My dealer did 
it several times for me.

As a matter of fact, they?re doing it right now.

My R129 (1997 SL500) has a very expensive and poorly engineered interior rear 
view mirror.  Along with all the fancy (and now worthless) electronics in it, 
such as a programmable garage door opener, it has two very strong springs that 
hold the ball in the socket that the mirror swivels on.  These springs are so 
powerful that over time they stress the plastic cover to the point where the 
plastic tangs that anchor the ends of the springs break, relieving the spring 
pressure, allowing the mirror to swing wildly on the ball because there is no 
longer any resistance being applied to it.  There is no kludge for this, the 
mirror is now totally worthless (as a mirror.)

Here?s the kicker:  MY price is almost $1,000.00.  Yes, that?s MY price, which 
is wholesale.

But - there?s a workaround:

The only place they used this stupidly expensive and poorly engineered rear 
view mirror was - you guessed it - the good old US of A.  What did they use in 
the rest of the world?  A similar mirror that was more robust and had none of 
the electronics in it.

My cost:  $245.00.

I identified the part, went to my dealer, they placed the order and I expect it 
to be here from Germany early next week.  No questions, no problem.

Give me the license plate frame part number and I?ll bet I can get one.  The 
only possibility where they would potentially deny it would be if it?s 
considered a regional safety item, that is, an option that?s in the safety and 
security groups for a specific country or part of the world.



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