That's the only reason I can think of where they might refuse to supply a part 
to a particular area.  They're pretty harsh about that one and there is no way 
to get around it that know of.

However, I did like the idea of sourcing the part off of eBay Germany or some 
other country that uses the same type of license plates.


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> On Jun 5, 2015, at 12:16 PM, MG via Mercedes <> wrote:
> Let me try and find the number again. As you say it may be in that regional 
> security group because it's to hold the license plate.
> Manfred
>> Date: Thu, 04 Jun 2015 20:29:23 -0400
>> From: Dan Penoff <>
>> Dealer dookie.  They have to make a special request for it, like any 
>> non-North American part, which they can do as a list or individual part.  My 
>> dealer did it several times for me.
>> As a matter of fact, they?re doing it right now.
>> My R129 (1997 SL500) has a very expensive and poorly engineered interior 
>> rear view mirror.  Along with all the fancy (and now worthless) electronics 
>> in it, such as a programmable garage door opener, it has two very strong 
>> springs that hold the ball in the socket that the mirror swivels on.  These 
>> springs are so powerful that over time they stress the plastic cover to the 
>> point where the plastic tangs that anchor the ends of the springs break, 
>> relieving the spring pressure, allowing the mirror to swing wildly on the 
>> ball because there is no longer any resistance being applied to it.  There 
>> is no kludge for this, the mirror is now totally worthless (as a mirror.)
>> Here?s the kicker:  MY price is almost $1,000.00.  Yes, that?s MY price, 
>> which is wholesale.
>> But - there?s a workaround:
>> The only place they used this stupidly expensive and poorly engineered rear 
>> view mirror was - you guessed it - the good old US of A.  What did they use 
>> in the rest of the world?  A similar mirror that was more robust and had 
>> none of the electronics in it.
>> My cost:  $245.00.
>> I identified the part, went to my dealer, they placed the order and I expect 
>> it to be here from Germany early next week.  No questions, no problem.
>> Give me the license plate frame part number and I?ll bet I can get one.  The 
>> only possibility where they would potentially deny it would be if it?s 
>> considered a regional safety item, that is, an option that?s in the safety 
>> and security groups for a specific country or part of the world.
>> Dan
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