I hit the HF tool sale and got myself a low end gasless MIG welder to learn on. 
 Wire feed and the cheapo auto darkening mask.  I read the instructions to see 
what this thing can do.  Those instructions are big on safety, but not on 
actually how to run the rig.

I went to the hardware store to get a hardi panel so I could have a welding 
table.  There were too many metal or wooden tables for me to use, but the 
manual was pretty adamant that I have concrete to set things on.  So far it 
works fairly well.  

I have a few old computer cases that donated their covers for the day I am 
versed in welding enough to repair the floors in the 300D.  Today, I learned 
that I need a hat to keep the slag from jumping onto the back of my head.  I 
could not get a decent bead using the PC carcasses and was getting a bunch of 
blow through.  I moved up to old brake rotors and was able to get a decent 
enough bead, but it still looks like crap.   Sun was out and after 40 minutes 
or getting a hang for the machine, I had to head inside.  

I will be looking for a better set of welding wear so I can keep from setting 
myself on fire.


2002 s430 - Victor, a Stately & well tailored chap
1974 450sl -  Frosch - Two tone green
1976 300D - Blei Vanst - it looks silvery
1972 220D - Gump - She was green, simple and ran
1995 E300D - Gave her life to save me against a Dame in a SUV
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