My brother-in-law had the hot slag in the boot issue one time. Just putting the pantleg over the boot does not prevent the problem if the slag burns through the pantleg which is what happened with him. Either lace up the top of the boot so it cannot get into the boot or else loosen the boot so that you can easily kick it off.

He was welding an exhaust under a car on a hoist and he is quite tall so he was bent a bit at the knees. The slag dropped onto his leg, burned a hole through his pants and then fell into his boot top. He of course, shook his let and the slag went deeper into his boot and burned his foot before he could get his boot off. He was off work for several days. He learned a good lesson as that must be close to 20 years ago and he has not had it happen since that I know of.


On 05/06/2015 2:10 PM, Gerry Archer via Mercedes wrote:
Didn't someone (Curt?) say tht HF wire was no good and we must buy good wire 
from a regular welding supply dealer?
Also, he should be sure pants legs go down over shoe or boot tops. A drop of 
liquid steel down in the shoe is a common event that can cause wild dancing and 
serious burns. Don't ask me how I know.

Randy Bennell wrote:

Nomex underwear is required for the racetrack anyway so you may as well
get it now!


On 05/06/2015 1:28 PM, clay via Mercedes wrote:
I hit the HF tool sale and got myself a low end gasless MIG welder to learn on. 
 Wire feed and the cheapo auto darkening mask.  I read the instructions to see 
what this thing can do.  Those instructions are big on safety, but not on 
actually how to run the rig.

I went to the hardware store to get a hardi panel so I could have a welding 
table.  There were too many metal or wooden tables for me to use, but the 
manual was pretty adamant that I have concrete to set things on.  So far it 
works fairly well.

I have a few old computer cases that donated their covers for the day I am 
versed in welding enough to repair the floors in the 300D.  Today, I learned 
that I need a hat to keep the slag from jumping onto the back of my head.  I 
could not get a decent bead using the PC carcasses and was getting a bunch of 
blow through.  I moved up to old brake rotors and was able to get a decent 
enough bead, but it still looks like crap.   Sun was out and after 40 minutes 
or getting a hang for the machine, I had to head inside.

I will be looking for a better set of welding wear so I can keep from setting 
myself on fire.



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