A couple of weeks ago my '81 SD started an occasional weak buzzer sound from
under the dash.  It was rare and brief at first, and stopped when the
blinkers were activated. It has gotten more frequent and longer lasting, and this morning when I turned the key the left blinker came on and would not quit. A bit of fooling with the turn switch got it to go back to an occasional buzz, but I suspect things need to be dealt with. I pulled the knee panel and determined that it was the left buzzer that was letting go. My suspicion is the I am getting a short in the steering column and need to pull the blinker stalk and check that. For those familiar with such things, I could hope it is something that sounds easier. Any other suggestions?

As has been mentioned before, first potential culprit is dirty contacts
inside the hazard switch, second is a bad battery or contacts to same,
and third would be a bad blinker itself.  Note that my experience with
our 560 SL and my attempt to make a louder clacker for top-off driving
indicates that a slight load on the blinker itself (such as a dirty
switch that has some conductivity when it shouldn't, or a badly-placed
extra relay there for noise purposes) results in a weird muted buzzing.
That'd be my fourth suspect.

-- Jim

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