Dan Penoff via Mercedes wrote:
OK, so this is the first one of these fleece filters I’ve ever used.  I see the 
little graphic with the filter about how it’s supposed to be positioned on the 
long plastic tube, but what in the heck are all the “O” rings for that come 
with it??

I’m sure t will make sense when I pull the old one out, but I want to be sure….

I'm sure it's just like the V6 version, the lid has a giant tapered plastic spike on it, like a plastic tent stake. I forget how many o-rings are on that spike, but you'll use most if not all that come with the filter.

The biggest one goes on the cap to keep the oil inside the engine, one or two littlest ones seal the bottom of the spike like the o-ring on a OM617 filter rod, the mid sized ones go more or less where the filter ends are.

Make note where the old filter is on the spike, lube up the new one and make sure it's shoved in as much as the old one was.



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