LT Don wrote:
I am really impressed with the VW diesel engine. Pre-glow is single-digit
seconds, not the minute or so that I am used to with the 240D. Idle is
smooth. I can't wait to take it up thru the 5 speeds to see how well the
clutch works and how smooth the shifting is.

I've forgotten exactly which VW we're talking about, but the A1 and A2 chassis cars (older Rabbit, Golf, and Jetta) have a shift linkage that was apparently licensed from Rube Goldberg. It frequently gets sloppy due to accumulated wear in the various bushings and links, but can be pretty easily restored. It *should* have a positive action and well-defined gate -- if it's sloppy and the gears are hard to find, it just needs some work.

There are short-shift parts available for those cars here:

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