Loading firewood is one of the things I'm especially interested in having an FEL for. Dad is probably going to start spending a lot more time at camp now that he's retired and I'll be processing wood for him. I'll probably also get a splitter to put on the 3pt. Actually with that I might split the wood right where I drop the tree...

When I was in HS and Jr High, i cut and split a lot of oak. I sawed em up and split them right there. loaded em on a low trailer and hauled em in. Then unloaded into stacks or ricks.

THen load onto the truck and haul it to town, and unload, and in some cases, we had to stack it all into ricks too. All for $35 a load. (3-4 pickup loads) $5 a face cord.

I got my first car with wood money, and my 760 Remington 6mm, and some other stuff.


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