I agree, but getting out the pedal set was a royal pain. I am not sure I can contort enough to get the new pedal set in. The rest of it is pretty straightforward.

One other thing I am considering is a 82-83 trans with the big box doohicky that sits on the side between the IP and the oelfilter. That box replaces the vacuum valve that sits on top of the valve cover.

If you want to come through and donate some kids' time to R&R the pedal set and master cyl, id be happy! We can all go to Hickory Park...

 > Curly wrote:
 > I guess it is about time to get out the 4 speed and do the
 > manual conversion.

That's my idea of how to repair an automatic transmission!
I've never actually done it, though...

 If I remember correctly, the 240D flywheel is balanced
 separately from the shaft, so all I need to do is swap
 flywheels to get started. (and buy a pilot bearing)

That's what I recall.

I have also read of folks who used the 4 cyl flywheel for a 5
cyl car and it "worked ok"

Yeah, I put the OM621 flywheel on the OM616 in the 200D 2.4. It had a big counterbalance on it. I ground off the counterbalance and balanced the flywheel on a tire spin balance machine. Its been 17 years now and still ok, but not much use since 2007. That was over a long weekend, and no access to machine shops. I did have access to the tire balance machine. A guy had agreed to sell me a flywheel but when I went to get it, he decided he didn't want to sell it. He only had 20 some parts cars. A miniature Kaleb.


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