Did the “A” service on the S430 today.  It was due in a couple thousand miles, 
so I figured I would get ahead of the curve and do it.  Some things I 
encountered I have questions about since this is my first W220 car:

The oil filter that was in the car was a pleated type made in Poland.  No 
manufacturer’s name or logo on it.  Hmm.  Are the pleated filters acceptable as 
opposed to the fleece?

The fleece (Mann) filter I got had all the “O” rings with it.  I had one left 
over, a big one, maybe an inch in diameter.  There was another one this size on 
the oil filter “tube” where the “tube” was larger in diameter.  I couldn’t find 
any others of the same size.  There were two smaller ones near the bottom of 
the “tube”.  Did I miss something?

I don’t like the lack of an oil pressure gauge.  I think there s a way to get 
the display to show oil pressure that I saw while researching the car.  I’ll 
have to find it.

Still working on "Marthaing"  the engine compartment.  The engine is almost 
done, then I have to move out to the tops of the fenders.  Looking better every 

Cabin filters were a piece of cake to replace.  The ones that were in the car 
were pretty nasty.

Pictures of everything here if you want to look at them:



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