Here’s the deal:

The S500 may need a new MAF.  I happen to have a MAF on the shelf.  It’s a 
different part number, but close, used on an S420.  Physically, it’s the same 
except that the connector comes straight out the side and not perpendicular.

I can’t find any specs on MAFs in general, only application information.

This is your challenge:

I want to try and find out if I can use this MAF on the S500.  Here are the 
part numbers, both Bosch and MB:

Called out in the EPC for the 1995 S500:

MB: 0001940148
Bosch: 0280214004

The MAF I have, used on a 1996-9 S420 (and S500, I might add):

MB: 0001940748
Bosch: 0280217607

I’m digging into this myself, but I figured if I could engage the collective 
wisdom here maybe I can determine whether I can substitute this one or not.

Thank you,



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