That's pretty much what I saw in the examples of why you shouldn't use a 
pleated filter. Lots of them that looked like they disintegrated or just blew 

Nothing but fleece for my car after seeing that....


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> On Jun 8, 2015, at 2:46 PM, Bob Rentfro via Mercedes <> 
> wrote:
> Pleats are no bueno.
> I had a free service coupon for a reputable shop very near my home. This
> fellow has done work for me on any non-MB vehicles I've owned. So I took in
> my '08 CLK 350 for a service and I had all the correct filters in the front
> seat.
> When I walked over to pick up the car, the oil filter was still on the
> front seat. Dude told me they had one of the correct oil filters in back so
> he used it so I could save mine.
> Fast forward to the next service due and I took it over to my normal guy
> (MB Motors) and when he went to take the oil filter out it had
> discinigrated into various chunks of pleated schmutz. It was nasty. I saved
> all the chunks in a zip lock bag and took it over to the other shop. Got a
> heartfelt apology from the guy by my house and he told me he "owes me".
> Bob R


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