You could be right.

I don't know much about Liberia, so it's very possible they did something along 
those lines. I was thinking that Liberia was where Henry Ford had the big 
rubber plantations.

In Zimbabwe the colonialist (British) owned and pretty much ran the country for 
several hundred years, I believe. The locals were subjugated and used as cheap 
labor, as that was what the British were really good at doing. Agriculture was 
the big thing there, and the colonialists had these massive, sprawling farms 
all over the place. We had a bunch of customers there who grew tobacco in 
quantities that were simply staggering.

Sometime in the last 15-20 years, I believe, the locals had had enough, and 
pretty much went medieval on the Brits, killing, raping, pillaging, etc., and 
returning their rightful lands back to themselves.

Of course, now that they've destroyed all the infrastructure and dismantled the 
economic engines of the country, the place pretty well went into the toilet.

This is the African country you've read about where inflation is so bad that 
pocket change is a million dollar bill in the local currency.

Victoria Falls is nice, however.


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> Dang,
> Right continent anyway.
> -Curt
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> I think you're thinking of Zimbabwe (Rhodesia).
> Dan
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>> On Jun 9, 2015, at 12:52 PM, Curt Raymond via Mercedes 
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>> Do like in Liberia and give the land to oppressed black folks. That worked 
>> so well...
>> -Curt


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