By Wilton Strickland

Settin' hen -- a chicken hen sitting on eggs to incubate them
Sharif - sheriff
Sharp as a tack.-- very crisp, well defined, clean, neat, smart
Sheet berry -- cockle burr
She has let herself go. -- She is looking bad.
Sho'nuff, shore 'nuff, sure 'nuff  -- certainly
Shoulda -- should have
Shevel -- shovel
Shy on the collar -- mule or horse not pulling very well; not pulling his weight; not doing his part
Silent as a tomb.  Can't get any quieter than that!!!
Slap out of town -- way out of town; in the country
Slide truck -- small mule-drawn truck with burlap sides; used to haul d'backa from the fields to the curing barn; usually sits on two wooden 2 x 4 runners/slides. Sling a nasty, cut a circle -- spinning rear wheels of a car to sling dirt and gravel, often in a circular pattern. Slop -- a soupy mixture of table scraps, leftovers and, sometimes, ground grain, fed to swine Slop jar -- chamber pot, usually kept under Mama's bed (I think she was the only one in our family to use it occasionally at night "as necessary;" the rest of us went outside.)
Smart as a briar -- very smart
Smidgen -- just a little bit
Snake in the grass -- a no good, no account, sorry scoundrel, a crook. (Sometimes used in lieu of "landlord" or certain landlord's name - that's where I heard it most, anyway.)
Snib -- just brush the edge of it (He snibbed the ball.)
Sorry-- no good scoundrel; also, an expression of remorse
Sottin' out d'backa -- transplanting tobacco
Souge -- stick or ram something in with great force
'Spensive -- expensive
Spinnin' like a top or in a whirl -- moving fast, always in motion
S'pose -- supposed to or suppose; ought to, should, required to; also, what if
Squeatden -- Let's go eat, then.
Steering knob -- a knob mounted on outer rim of a steering wheel to facilitate hard, rapid steering with one hand
Stick in the mud -- stubborn, slow to change
Stob -- stake
Stomp -- quick pressure with the bottom of a foot
Store-bought -- professionally-made, bought in a store, not home-made
Straw that broke the camel's back -- the last in a series of events that finally produced a certain result
Strowed -- strewn
Sturning wheel -- steering wheel
Suckrin', toppin' d'backa -- breaking the suckers and/or tops off of tobacco plants. Sugar -- a kiss - Come here and give me some sugar. Any Southern child knows the difference between this and that sweet stuff on the dinner table.
Sumpn -- something
Suppah, supper -- evening meal, dinner
Sure as shootin' -- certainly
Sut -- soot
Sweet as apple pie -- a sweet, agreeable disposition or personality
Swe'gum tree -- sweet gum tree
Swell -- very good, also to expand
Swingle tree -- single tree - short beam device used to connect a single draft animal's harness to a load (plow, wagon, etc.)
Take up with -- develop a relationship regardless of good reasons against it
'Taters, 'tatahs -- potatoes
Talking through his hat -- 'doesn't have a clue about what is happening
Tawk, tawkin' -- talk, talking
'Tend to, attend to -- take care of
That's a different set of dogs. -- That's an unrelated family.
That's a plenny.  That's a plenty. -- That's enough.
Thang - thing
The cat is out of the bag. -- The secret is out.
The dog ate my homework. -- I did not do my homework.
The house has lights. -- The house has electricity.
The onlyest -- by itself - absolutely the only one
There ya go.  'Air ya go. -- Here it is.
The skinny, the scoop, the straight poop -- information, the truth
The whole nine yards, the whole kit and kabouddle -- all of it
Thingamagig, thingamabob-- thing
Thumb, hitch or bum a ride -- stand by the road and ask passersby for a ride by holding your thumb up and motioning with it in the direction you want to go; hitch hiking
Thunder mug -- chamber pot
Tight -- stingy, usually with money (reluctant to spend money)
Tight as Dick's hat band -- very tight
Toss in your hat, and see if it's thrown back out. -- a test of acceptance. If you toss in your hat and it is thrown back out, you are in big trouble!!!
Tote -- to lug, carry, or transport, usually, in one's arms or hands
T'rectly, d'rectly -- immediately
Truckin' d'backa -- hauling the newly primed tobacco to the barn to be strung onto sticks to facilitate hanging it in the curing barn.
Tryin' to get up with 'im  -- trying to find him, trying to meet with him.
Tuckered out -- exhausted, tired
Turnip salad or salit -- cooked turnip greens, best eaten with cornbread sticks or hush puppies.
Twiced -- twice, two times
Ugly -- unpleasant or disagreeable
Ugly as homemade soap -- really ugly
Um-humh -- yes
Ump-unh - no
Up'air -- up there
Up and at 'em.  Rise and shine. -- Get up and get started!
Uppity -- acting beyond/above his or her raising/training
Upsey, Daisy -- Get up.
Up yonh, up yondah, up yonder -- up there a little way (a short distance)



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