Yeah, so what?Sure maybe the climate is warming, but we've been coming out of an ice age for a couple thousand years right? Isn't global warming actually NORMAL in the age of human experience? The temperature record goes back to the late 1800s but the last ice age ended around 11,000 years ago. Haven't we been steadily warming since then? Seems like its a big ask to prove that humans are making the planet warm up when it was doing it anyway.

Do not confuse special cause variation with normal variation. This is exactly what Curt is saying.

NORMAL variation of this planet has ranged from ice age to the tropics. In medieval times, Erik the Red's viking ship burned so much fossil fuel it warmed the whole planet and greenland was great for growing stuff when he got there. NOT! The planet warmed without Erik's help, and even the hordes of viking subrubans and escalades didn't raise the temp. Ol Erik was an early land promoter.

Ater that the planet went into a mini Ice age. THen it warmed for a couple hunnert years. Now it is cooling again.

All the falsified "evidence" doesn't change the facts, or science.


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