Holy mother of pearl, I swear this stuff goes in waves....

Oldest boy comes in last night about 7:30:

"The battery light on my car (1998 S420) came on. Should I get the battery 

I go out and go over the car. All seems well except for the voltage at the 
battery while the car is running: about 12.25 VDC. Hmm.

I tell him to go get it checked at Advance Auto and report back.

20 minutes later he returns. "They checked my battery and said it's good," as 
he hands me the little thermal paper printout from their diagnostic machine.

I then realize I wasn't specific enough in telling him to have them do a full 
charging system check, so I climb in the car with him and we go to another 
Advance Auto nearby (we have two within four miles of the house.)

We get there, they test the system, flat line for alternator output. Bingo! So 
much for the reman I bought from them and installed on the car back in November 
of last year, with lifetime warranty, I might add.

So we return to the house and jump in my car, as it's now dark and I don't want 
to risk it in his car with the headlights on. We then go to the other Advance 
Auto to get an alternator, which the other store didn't have in stock.

Interestingly, this part number was not the one for the car in their 
application list, however, it was in November. Not only that, but in November 
the core was $105! It's now $50. Strange.

We get the alternator, head back to the house, and spend an hour swapping it 
out. New one works just fine, makes plenty of electricity.

Today the parts for the S500 come in. I only hope I am as lucky with it as we 
were with the S420. And I hope this is the end of car issues for a while. I'm 
beginning to feel like a full time mechanic.



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