Absolutely. Other than my time, the replacement cost nothing.


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> On Jun 10, 2015, at 9:02 AM, Curt Raymond via Mercedes 
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> But now you can return the dead one right?
> -Curt
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> As I said in a previous reply, I took a chance and lost. It happens.
> If there was a bright side, it's that the alternator on these cars is pretty 
> easy to replace. First one took maybe 90 minutes, the second under an hour.
> Not something I want to be good at, however.
> Dan
>> On Jun 10, 2015, at 8:37 AM, Curt Raymond via Mercedes 
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>> Some will remember when I went through this with my '83 240D and put many 
>> alternators in before getting one that lasted. I don't remember the exact 
>> number, it was at least 3. My Indy was getting plenty tired of seeing me 
>> show up...
>> -Curt
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>> Subject: [MBZ] When It Rains, It Pours...
>> Holy mother of pearl, I swear this stuff goes in waves....
>> Oldest boy comes in last night about 7:30:
>> "The battery light on my car (1998 S420) came on. Should I get the battery 
>> checked?"
>> I go out and go over the car. All seems well except for the voltage at the 
>> battery while the car is running: about 12.25 VDC. Hmm.
>> I tell him to go get it checked at Advance Auto and report back.
>> 20 minutes later he returns. "They checked my battery and said it's good," 
>> as he hands me the little thermal paper printout from their diagnostic 
>> machine.
>> I then realize I wasn't specific enough in telling him to have them do a 
>> full charging system check, so I climb in the car with him and we go to 
>> another Advance Auto nearby (we have two within four miles of the house.)
>> We get there, they test the system, flat line for alternator output. Bingo! 
>> So much for the reman I bought from them and installed on the car back in 
>> November of last year, with lifetime warranty, I might add.
>> So we return to the house and jump in my car, as it's now dark and I don't 
>> want to risk it in his car with the headlights on. We then go to the


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