How tragic.  The war that we'd already won under G.W. Bush is now slowly
being turned into another micro-managed-from-the-oval-office slowly growing
conflict, sure to take the lives of some of the young Americans sent there
by Obama.

Charleston SC

Sam Clovis stated the criteria for involvement very well. (USAF Col., Retired)
1. National Interest?
2. protection of resources necessary for our economy?
3.  Protection of our allies?

I am for Sam's criteria, then if we get involved, the involvement should be a Patton-like response and the day after the start, the rest of the world should be in shock beyond "shock and awe" so that every tin pot dictator will think 24 times before they provoke us ever again. (think twice a dozen times)

THAT was the USA I grew up in and that is what our folks in the Military services can do.

Teddy Roosevelt said it very well in his first term before he lost his mind. "Speak softly but carry a BIG stick" We have several big sticks available.

No bully (tin pan dictator) ever bothers again once you hit them hard. Every 'merkun kid used to learn that on the schoolyard, whether the bully or the bullied.

I had a long fuse as a kid, but when the would be dictators didn't back off, the attack was calculated, positioned, deliberate and decisive. It was also final. Only one dumb irish kid ever came back for more. After a couple years he forgot the lesson. After the second lesson, he was never heard from again, going on 50 years now. He was around for a few more years, but his mouth was shut. Dealing with tin pot dictators from Dung or Vlad on down to andorra is the same.

I didn't agree with reagan much when he was Pres, but history has born out his economic policies over the long haul, and the little tin pot dictator in libya was not heard from until billybob was elected and he thought he could mouth off safely.


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