Having finally had enough, I caved and took the car in
for a professional diagnosis.  The fuel system tested OK,
and there _are_ vacuum leaks that will have to be dealt
with.  The most amusing result was that one of my _new_
Beru spark plug wires was open-circuit.  (Though I believe
it was a short gap that would fire anyway, a bit.  The plug
was not any different-looking than the rest.)

I speculated, and cut open the plug end.  The 1K resistor
was open-circuit.  I bridged it with a piece of iron wire,
and taped it back together.  What a rickety POS now.  Still,
the car was running better yesterday after this operation,
more time will tell.  No way it'll hold up very long.

So, where do I get _one_ screw-on (machine screw threads,
not wood screw) Beru spark plug connector?  Or, barring
that, _one_ new Beru spark plug wire?  Really don't want
to part with the cash to get another entire set.

I have some old Bosch connectors, but they're all wood-screw.

(Hmm, I wonder if the Beru has a machine-screw end that I
can see, but that _that_ bit has a wood screw that screws
into the wire itself?  Still, it's working now.  I'd hate
to take it apart again and make it worse, just trying to
find out that detail.)

-- Jim


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