If you’re sure they’re OE and you can get them cheaper, do it!

However, I’m a bit confused about your earlier statement about your dealer 
raping you or charging 4X list, as that’s not what you just described. 

If shipping is free with Autohauz and you’re willing to wait, it makes sense.  
You probably don’t pay them sales tax, either.
On the other hand, if you want them now and they’re only $12 more apiece, 
what’s the big deal?

I’m seeing a dealer price of around $48.50 for the fronts from most dealers.  
Rears around $56.  Still cheaper than crappy unknown aftermarket discs whose 
origins are unknown.

I’m sorry, guys, I understand being frugal, but in the grand scheme of things 
to me this is nickel-dime stuff. Yeah, ten bucks more times two or four is a 
lot, but you KNOW what you’re getting.

Just my $0.02.


> On Jun 11, 2015, at 1:08 PM, Andrew Strasfogel <astrasfo...@gmail.com> wrote:
> BTDT, Dan.  Autohaus sells the OEM rear rotors for $51 but not the front.  
> Local dealer has a discounted price of $63.30 each, with a valid MB Club card 
> (mine has expired).  I asked for a better deal but he won't budge.


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