Window scrapers are actually material sold in bulk.

Let’s give this some rational thought:

Knockoff: $12.00

OEM: $75.00

That means the knockoff is more than SIX times cheaper than OEM.  Assuming 
everyone is making a profit on what they sell, the cost relationship of the 
knockoff to the OEM part is skewed even further.

What do you think about the raw materials that are being used in the knockoff?  
Cheap labor? Sure. 100% real rubber?  Most unlikely.

How long do you think the knockoff is going to last?

I realize that some will step up at this point and suggest that Andrew can buy 
more than six pieces of the knockoff before he would have the same amount of 
money invested for one OEM window scraper, but you also need to factor in labor 
and related potential issues for the water that’s going to get past the 
knockoff part and into his doors as it wears (quickly).

Here’s what I suggest:

Contact Randy Steele at EPS, Ltd.

Tell Randy I told you to contact him.  Tell him you need exterior window 
scrapers for a W123 and see what he quotes you.  I suggest this because I 
bought literally tens of thousands of dollars of parts from Randy over the 
years, and I am almost sure he bought window scraper material in bulk and just 
cut it to length.  For that matter, the pieces you get from the dealer will 
also be in bulk form, slightly longer than your actual scrapers.  You’ll need 
to have some very sharp tin snips or aircraft shears to trim it to length.

I don’t know if Randy will be any cheaper, but it’s worth a try.  I certainly 
understand your reluctance to spend $75 for a window scraper, but some of that 
decision factors into how much longer you plan on owning/driving the car, too.

On a related note, Randy pretty much deals in NOS stuff now, so if you’re 
looking for an NOS part for an older Benz, he’s your guy.


> On Jun 11, 2015, at 1:40 PM, Andrew Strasfogel <> wrote:
> Dan, your word is gold so I am going to move up to OEM rotors.
> Pelican Parts sells OEM front rotors for under $50 - including free shipping  
> Autohaus doesn't carry them.  Northlake Motors doesn't answer the phone and 
> hasn't returned my voicemail message.
> I also need the window brushes (L and R) that scrape dew/rain water off the 
> windows.  OEM costs $75 vs. $12 for a knockoff.  Seems like quite a spread.  
> Is itworth the difference?


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