Winnipeg has rivers going north south - The Red and east west - The Assiniboine so I thought that sort of fit.

My good old 76 115 300D had a hiccup this morning, which is totally unlike it.

I was at a light when the car creeped ahead. I thought I had a senior moment and had failed to keep my foot firmly planted on the brake. I stepped harder and it sat there for the duration of the red light, but on the next block, I stepped on the brake pedal and it essentially sank to the floor. Not a good thing in traffic. I drove it the few blocks home at lunch and put it back in the garage but something is wrong. It brakes but not very hard and pumping the pedal does not all that much to make it better.

It feels like when one presses on the pedal while another bleeds the brakes. It just slowly descends until close to the floor.

I have looked where it was parked and do not see any puddles of fluid.
The resevoir does not look to be down.

I shall have to look a bit closer to see if there is something leaking.

If not, then I suspect the master cylinder is leaking internally.

Anyone have a better conclusion based upon the symptoms?

If so, is there a kit to repair or am I compelled to replace the whole thing?
In either case, where would one best look for parts?



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