I recall a remanufactured MC I got for the 123 was only about $40 from the FLAPS and was an easy swap except getting those fittings attached to the hard lines lined up to catch the threads on it was a bugger. Not a lot of slop in the hard lines to wiggle the fitting around. Then you have to do the whole bleeding thing which is Not Fun in my view.


If you bench bleed the MC, then the rest is simply gravity.

One MC I bought had plastic fittings and hose to bench bleed. I kept that and reused it many times. Back when junkyards had MBs, I could use the ends of old brake lines from the junkers. Hard to find now.

Or the pressure bleeder works if you blow out all the old fluid/crap first. I don't like pushing gunk up into the new MC. That leads to high failure.


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