What is the collective view on rebuilt units?

If I could get a kit, I would have no qualms about putting it in but those days seem to be behind us. I guess it is the result of labour costs in the shops. People are not willing to pay the cost of having kits installed - just faster and cheaper to throw in a new or rebuilt unit even if it is not as good as the original. I would guess, given the car is close to 40 years old that it is just the rubber giving up but I suppose we would not know if the bore was corroded by water in the brake fluid eating away at it over time unless we opened it up first.

That AutohausAZ unit claims it is new oem but with the grommets is pushing $300 US and with our dollar the way it is, that will run closer to $400 Cdn plus 13% tax at the border. Ugh!

Cannot complain too much as I have had the car about 10 years and have done little or nothing to it. Have not driven it all that far either but it has been reliable to date.


get new or reman. If you try to put in new parts (cups), you find a rusty bore, crusted with crap. Then if you clean it up, you end up with a pitted bore and a leaky MC. The alternative is to bore it and put in a sleeve of SS or brass, but then it costs more than a new MC in every case I have looked at. If you had your own machine shop and time, I'd sleeve em. I don't, so I don't.

I think the last one I bought was a beck arnley from FLAPS. I have one from cRock auto, but it has not been installed yet. Looks ok.


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