Greetings from the Philippines! I'm here for the next 8 days teaching a class 
to new co-workers. Apparently it makes more sense to send me here than 8 of 
them to the states. After traveling for 26 hours (thats door to door) I can see 
why.The highlight of the trip was when I scored a bulkhead seat in the 787 from 
BOS-NRT. The 787 is amazing and the huge legroom in a bulkhead seat is nice. 
JAL gives nice wide seats too although the bulkhead seats get small TVs.From 
NRT to MNL was a 767 and although I had and aisle seat I was cramped almost to 
my tolerance limit the whole way, of course that was after the 12 hour flight 
BOS-NRT and a 3 hour layover...
Anyway I'll be working 10pm-7am local time which corresponds with 10am-7pm EDT 
so other than for the next 3 days (remember its Friday morning here right now) 
I'll be working just 1 hour off my normal US schedule.
Driving to the hotel yesterday I noticed that diesel is about 30 PHP 
(Philippine pesos) a litre, there are about 45 pesos/USD so about $0.66/l. The 
car from the airport was a Camry (boring!) but I got to see loads of "jeepneys" which are pretty wild. They remind me of 
the route taxis that Angie and I rode in Barbados but are decorated more in a 
style I'd relate to India which isn't a big surprise since India isn't really 
all that far away. It was dark last night or I'd have tried to get a picture. 
I'll try to spot one today but I'm staying in Makati City which is pretty high 
class and I'm not sure they're allowed here...

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