Curly wrote:
> >What happened to Sunil Hari?
> >
> >Wilton
> >__
> Probably too busy doctoring to speak with us reprobates.
> John Robbins:  making too much money to bother with us reprobates
> Alex Gabbard:  Ditto
> Snook:                Ditto
> John Green:   Ditto
> That Canuk Benz barn guy:  Ditto
> Mathieu Cama:  More or less ditto  Maybe we are OT too much for him
> Hendrik:  I think fats just made him too disgusted.
> Tarik:  In CN, and I think  Benzless
> Woger:  Pushing up daisies
> I'm glad Jaime is still here to provide his ever growing experience 
> and knowledge base.

However, all of the above mentioned folks are on Facebook, as is Loren Faeth, 
used to be here also, and maybe is, kinda, but incognito...

Alex also started a Mercedes Veterans FB group, to which most of the above 
and Hollywood Fats is NOT a member.

Hint to Mao. Hey, you are retired with nothing better to do than social 


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