Being almost bald, I wear a hat most times when I'm outside. It feels like
my brain (what's left of it) is frying in the OK sun if I don't. Since it's
an issue of the sun, I wear one with a wide brim to protect my ears and
neck. I only wear the ball cap in the airplane - due to the headset and
needing the visor when flying West into the setting sun . . .
My son will only wear a ball cap on occasion, and when flying - wouldn't be
caught dead in one of my other hats.

On Fri, Jun 12, 2015 at 12:06 PM, Randy Bennell via Mercedes <> wrote:

> I was thinking of you and your stories of your youth.
> What sort of hats did you all wear back then?
> Hats are an odd thing. Useful for folks who work outdoors like farmers and
> decorative to some extent for the ladies etc but apart from baseball hats,
> seem to have all but faded from the scene.
> I have a couple of Tilley hats that I wear from time to time but my boys
> did not want to be seen with me when I wore them.
> RB

OK Don

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