Walking through the airport parking garage the other day I noticed a bumper 
sticker that said "I'm ready for Hilary" which got me thinking if I made "I'm 
not sure I'm ready for Hilary" stickers if anybody would buy them. Seems like 
you could get away with it under the guise of satire...
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I vote Republican... All my dead ancestors voted Democrat.
They were slave owners and KKK members.. they knew what party represented
them. A little strange that years after their death, they are still voting.

This year, I'm throwing my support behind the "Hillary Clinton / Bruce
Jenner 2016" ticket. Country is going to hell under obama, might as well
elect a team that knows the way... I understand they are hard at work on
the "No balls for leadership" campaign plan.
They already have a slogan "What difference does it make now" .. should be
a hit.
As for grandchildren.. I'm just waiting for Congress to pass a law so I can
marry my gay horse. We don't expect to have any children..


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